Sandy Neck Beach Riding

    Not all Borealis fat bike riders have what we have in our own back yard.  Besides all the other areas to ride on the Cape, there’s one worth having its own menu bar on our home page, and that’s Sandy Neck beach! It truly is home to all Cape fat bike riders, and we love to share it with those who desire a unique and memorable fat bike riding experience on the beach. Riding along the shoreline to start this journey is a great way to warm up, feel the breeze, breathe in the salt air and soak in the feel of traversing over any terrain that is in front of you!

    Riding past the folks camping in their 4×4 vehicles right there on the shoreline is almost always followed by an inspiring cheer and a wave!  But that’s not all, as you turn inland and into the dune trails, you’ll begin to truly experience the thrill of what these fat bikes can do. Navigating through sugary beach sand, around the bends and up and over the rolling hills that make up the dunes, will bring you into almost a dream-like experience! When you’re riding with a group, it’s that much more epic, and a night ride with a full moon lighting your way will make you feel like you’re on the moon!

    On the other side of the dunes are a mix of hard packed, rock and sand covered paths that will lead you onto winding single track trails, taking you through an almost never-ending forest!  When you exit the woods, you’re instantly back onto a roller coaster of sandy dunes that make the climbs (sometimes off the bike) worth the exhilarating descents! Allowing your fat bike to do what its designed to do will bring you down these sugary mountains effortlessly as you enjoy the ride!

    Now it’s time to enjoy your journey back to reality on the marsh side trail just on the other side of the dunes.  With the dunes on your right and the large span of marsh grass on your left, you’re riding through the best of both worlds.  On the right night, you may even have the full moon behind you following you home!