Where Do We Go?

    The simple answer is just about everywhere!  Right out of our shop in South Yarmouth starts an exciting journey, avoiding the busy and dangerous roadways, and allowing for a safer and ever-changing environment.  The Cape Cod Rail Trail located behind Aunt Betty’s Bikes is simply used to get us to where we need to go.  These flowing trails bring us along the power lines, onto gravel roads, around the many cranberry bogs, through the conservation areas and well fields, along the salt marshes and riverbanks, over wooden bridges, along the herring runs, around the many kettle ponds, and even out to the beach and boardwalk at scenic Bass Hole.  Because of the sandy soil here on the Cape, we don’t have a “mud Season” like the riders have up in the north country.  In fact, a lot of riders from the mountainous areas make their way to sea level on the Cape in the early spring to enjoy our single-track trails that we use year-round.  For anyone who lives and rides here during the winter, we all know that even blizzard-like conditions are short lived. and the snow left in its wake is usually even shorter lived!

    The trails that Aunt Betty’s has chosen to venture allow for all levels of riders to enjoy and experience this unkept secret that she wants to share with us!  Another very special part of the Cape which can only be traversed on a fat bike is Sandy Neck beach.  Riding along the shoreline and ORV tracks is a literal breeze on a Borealis fat Bike.  Stepping it up on the “Marsh Trail” and “Horse Trail” (with sand dunes linking them in the middle) is like being on a different planet!  Speaking of a different planet, you must experience a Sandy Neck full Moon Ride for yourself.  The aroma of the salty ocean air mixed with an Autumn harvest moon lighting your way through the flowing dune trails, is something you’ll never forget! A Borealis fat bike is all the bike you’ll need for where we go and brings a whole new meaning to “Planet Fitness”!