About Borealis Fat Bikes

    Borealis Fat Bike Dave's Trail

    Check the video, see what these Borealis bikes can do at an extreme level.

    Now let’s back it down a few notches (maybe more than a few) and imagine what the endless capabilities are on a Borealis, here on the Cape, or anywhere else in New England for that matter. Most of us aren’t going to be ripping down rocky ledges and throwing caution to the wind like those kids in Mohab (but if you choose to, you can.)  By riding the Cape’s single-track wooded paths, power lines, bogs, beaches, dunes, gravel and groomed snow, you’ll have the same epic experience as those Mohab riders on a Borealis for sure!  Aunt Betty’s found that The Borealis Crestone and Flume fat tire bikes are built for all seasons and all terrains by putting them to the test in our own back yard. Stability enhances ability at all levels, and with optional tire and wheel sizes, you can dial in a custom build to fit your individual riding style and needs.  Adding front suspension for more technical riding (like in the video) is also an option Borealis provides for both models.

    Fat does not always mean heavy when it comes to a Borealis “fat” bike.  Yes, the tires are fat, but they’re not heavy.  When you look at a Borealis at first glance you may think it’s going to take some work to get that beast moving!  As soon as you lift it off the ground, you’re going to want to try it out.  As soon as you ride it, you’re going to feel for yourself why Borealis is the leader in the lightest weight and most responsive “fat” bike that’s out there today. Weight is not the only thing factored into the awesomeness of these machines.  Frame geometry, drive train gearing (a gear for all terrains) responsive hydraulic brakes, tubeless tire capability (great for low air beach riding) and standard carbon fiber bars, rigid forks and seat posts all add to the Borealis total package of responsiveness and efficiency!